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Distance Education for Power System Engineers (focused training delivered remotely via on-line video conferencing from an industry expert)

Sample Training Videos

  • Introduction to harmonics (Please standby - will be uploaded soon...)
  • Topics in mathematics (Please standby - will be uploaded soon...)
  • From March 2013, F C Power Solutions Pty Ltd has started offering “Online” (using one-to-one interactive software) based training. This "Distance-Education" (DE) approach offers the benefits of schedule flexibility, eliminates participant travel and living costs, and allows your team exclusive access to the instructor for site-specific questions and discussions in a confidential manner.

    F C Power Solutions Pty Ltd offers training programs to meet the corporate demands. Get one of our expert network consultants for training, problem solving and coaching by online video conferencing. Course content can be customized based on the participants' needs and abilities.

    Note that in addition to the DE delivery, F C Power Solutions Pty Ltd continues to offer the more traditional “in-house” training courses, although these are dependent upon a minimum number of registrants.

    The DE course is valuable to managers, engineers and service technicians who work in the management, planning, design and operation of power systems. Registrants may be from any country in the world but the courses can only be conducted in English.

    If you would like more information on designing a customized program for your employees, please contact the F C Power Solutions office.

    Comprehensive programs

    F C Power Solutions Pty Ltd offers two broad streams of programs with the goal of providing non-technical professionals, managers, and/or engineers new to power systems a series of theoretical and practical courses that provide the necessary theoretical and practical background to make them better management decision makers and more effective engineers.

    The objectives of the programs include advancement of the fundamentals of electrical engineering theory for each topic, as well as developing practical problem-solving abilities align with the industrial focus and needs.
    The principal advantage of our programs is that they can to a large extent be customized to your specific requirements; the possibilities are manyfold.

    A recent customized corporate training course for the engineers of a Network Service Provider (NSP)