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Network Service Providers

F C Power Solutions operates as a necessary resource for network service providers, when they want to extend the network or connect an embedded generator. We work at all levels of the electrical network, from the main transmission down to the low voltage distribution.

Our Experience

F C Power Solutions have experience with a wide range of power system issues, including: .

Our experts monitor, model, assess, provide findings and determine workable outcomes from an engineering aspect. We also explain the economic impact of our findings, to provide a valuable basis on which the network service provider can develop future plans and strategies.


F C Power Solutions can undertake highly specialised power system modelling and simulation studies, utilising a wide selection of professional software programs, including:

Steady State Studies

System studies are carried out using a load flow program to determine whether the proposed connection configuration is feasible, given the network constraints. These studies generally require checking for line thermal capability, network voltages, fault levels, other plant limitations and impact on existing customers.

Fault Studies

Fault level studies are important to ensure that network operation is within planning and design levels, and to determine whether substation circuit breaker rupture ratings will or will not be exceeded. With the present trend of increasing penetration of inverter-coupled devices on networks, it is important their fault current contributions are accurately accounted for. These may be in the form of constant current sources, and typically are not well modelled in many conventional power analysis programs. F C Power Sol

Dynamic Studies

In dynamic studies the electrical network is subjected to abrupt or transient changes corresponding to those occurring in actual operation, and the dynamic performance of the network is assessed from the simulation results. With correct modelling the dynamic studies enable analysis of the network and proposed connection to determine network and installation responses, and provide solutions where unfavourable responses are detected. Phenomena of transient stability and oscillatory stability are considered as appropriate. Issues with intra- and inter-area oscillations and tuning of power system stabilisers can be investigated. Control Systems Design Uniquely in Australia, F C Power Solutions provides expert advice on both the design of power systems and assessment of control systems performance. In a modern power system, control systems might include:

Power Quality Studies

F C Power Solutions can advise network service providers about the management of harmonic allocations within their sub-network, so as to maintain all emission limits within designated planning levels. In providing this advice, we use the latest IEC approaches to allocation, which guarantees that planning levels are not violated and the network service provider meets all its obligations. F C Power Solutions offers the following power quality services for network service providers:

allocation of power quality emission levels to maintain planning limits within the network– this requires the computation of global emission limits for each substation
allocation of power quality emission levels to customers based on agreed power
measurement of power quality emission levels, audits at substations and/or across the entire network

Due Diligence

Where a proponent of an embedded generator project has submitted steady-state and dynamic studies for consideration, F C Power Solutions can provide an independent assessment and/or a full due diligence study. Undertaken prior to the signing of connection contracts, this independent review gives the network service provider confidence the embedded generator, with its complex and sophisticated controls, will deliver the claimed performance. Through its experience gained from carrying out numerous such due diligence studies, F C Power Solutions has a thorough understanding of the National Electricity Rules, electricity codes and other relevant standards, and has the ability to incorporate any local network service provider requirements into the connection arrangements.

Power Line Parameters

Power line parameters are a major input into all system studies. F C Power Solutions has the expertise and software technology to determine power line parameters from first principles and with the use of programs such as EMTP.


F C Power Solutions offers training in the discipline of network analysis and development relating to connection of embedded generators. Training can be provided utilising the power supplier’s own software packages, making it directly relevant to the supplier’s own specific conditions. All training is industry based, focused and formatted to meet particular needs, avoiding any waste of time and resources on irrelevant topics.