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Optimising your Power Use and Equipment Performance

Dirty electricity

Nowadays electrical appliances are more likely to be ‘dirty’ than ‘clean’, including solar panel inverters, television sets, air-conditioning systems, computers, energy efficient lighting, and much more. Over time, as more appliances connect to the electrical grid, the quality of electricity will become dirtier, or ‘distorted’ as known in the industry. Use of dirty electricity can make equipment less efficient, and more likely to fail sooner, resulting in higher operating costs and more frequent replacements .

F C Power Solutions – the Specialists

F C Power Solutions is a specialist consultancy to the power industry. Our team of industry-based experts has the knowledge and experience to provide solutions to problems associated with a distorted power supply - from the simplest to the most complex. We can help you avoid the costly effects of power distortion and optimise the use of your energy supply by undertaking a Power Quality Audit.

Power Quality Audit - how to improve the quality of power supplied to your plant and achieve savings

In this process we measure your actual energy usage, and check the power supply at a given point of interest in your premises. This includes power factor, voltage variation, harmonics, load current balance, voltage balance and flicker. With this data we can identify any problems with the quality of your electricity. For power consumers, we can perform the following:

Equipment used

F C Power Solutions is a technology partner with National Instruments for the purpose of the Power Quality Audit. NI CompactRIO® FPGA based hardware provides real-time GPS synchronised sampling and measuring of 24 channels simultaneously at 50 kHz. Data is stored in a network-attached storage device. Upon completion of the measurement period, typically 1-2 weeks, a comprehensive analysis is performed. All data is retained for subsequent analysis and use. The latest internationally available software programs are used to enable a detailed simulation of your plant, and how it operates under varying electrical supply conditions.

Power Audit Report

Proposed embedded generators must meet all performance requirements as spelt out in the Generator Performance Standards document. F C Power Solutions has the expertise to undertake the required R2-testing, to demonstrate the embedded generator meets all of these performance requirements.